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  1. Kick-off management meeting (WP1 D1.1.2 Project management activities)
  2. Project website (WP2 D2.1.1 Communication strategy and web site)
  3. Communication plan (WP2 D2.1.1 Communication strategy and web site)
  4. Technical reports (WP2 D2.1.3 Technical reports and dissemination events):
    1. Agrometeorological data for the plain of Arta
    2. Water flow measurements for the participatory irrigation systems of the plain of Arta and the relevant permit for using water for agricultural irrigation
    3. Efficient irrigation management for olive crop 
    4. Report 4
  5. Dissemination events (WP2 D2.1.3 Technical reports and dissemination events):
    1. WATERinMARCH! 2019, Arta, Greece
    2. Event 2020
  6. Technical repository regarding irrigation (WP3 D3.1.1 Repository)
  7. Audit protocol (WP3 D3.1.3 Update of audit protocol and audits):
    1. Audit protocol
    2. Audits of irrigation systems
  8. Irrigation management tools (WP3 D3.1.4 DSS adaption and extension):
    1. Irrigation tools (base maps, irrigation scheduling calculator, fertigation calculator, pump energy consumption calculator)
    2. Flood alarm for drainage pumping station (Vigla / plain of Arta / Epirus)
    3. Irrigation volume monitoring device
    4. Upgrade of the agro-meteorological data provision system (selected areas in Epirus) and DSS / virtual meteorological station for irrigation (plain of Arta / Epirus)
    5. Evaluation of the DSS operation (plain of Arta / Epirus)
  9. Helpdesk for using irrigation management tools (WP2 D2.1.2 Helpdesk)
  10. Mapping of selected participatory systems in Epirus (WP4 D4.1.1 Participatory systems mapping)
  11. Participatory systems in Epirus current state report (WP4 D4.1.2 Participatory systems current state report)
  12. Web presence of participatory systems (WP4 D4.1.3 Web presence of participatory systems)
  13. Study regarding usage of recycled water for irrigation (WP5 D5.1.1 Usage of recycled water)
  14. Study regarding aquifers salinization in Epirus (WP5 D5.1.2 Aquifers salinization)
  15. Participation in international event for irrigation management (WP6 D6.1.1 International networking)