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  1. Organisation of the Close-out management meeting and participation in project management meetings (Kickoff, 2nd, 3rd)
  2. Project dissemination material - stickers, signs, leaflets, posters, T-shirts, hats etc. (D2.2.1)
  3. Equipment
    • End user irrigation-drainage audit toolcases to be available at local agricultural services of the Region of Epirus (D3.2.1)
    • 10x new agrometeorological stations certified by relevant WMO standards. Sensors: soil moisture, air T/R, solar radiation, wind speed and direction and rainfall. (D3.2.2)
    • Water level monitoring system (3x sensors) for Vigla / Arta with solar panel and communication unit (D3.2.2)
    • 5x GPRS singal bridges for connection to existing UoI’s communication center (D3.2.2)
    • 3 work station computers for validating the incorporation of projects new GIS data to ROE's data center and laser printers (D4.2.1)
    • GPRS lines and maintenance of the network agrometeorological stations (D3.2.2)
  4. Studies
    • Registration of meteorological monitoring insfrastructure in the Region of Epirus (D3.2.2)
    • Pilot study regarding typical rain catchment systems in the Region of Epirus (D4.2.2)
  5. Provision of microclimatic level forecast for the Region of Epirus (D3.2.2)
  6. Implementation of the incorporation of new GIS data to ROE's geospatial system and linkage to GEODATA (D4.2.1)
  7. Irrigation-drainage audits along with soil and water analysis for end users in Epirus (D3.2.3)