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  1. Participation in project management meetings (Kickoff, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Close-out) (D1.4.2)
  2. Guides, technical notes and publications (D2.4.1)
  3. Workshop on the theme of efficient irrigation/drainage management and its effects on receiving aquatic ecosystems in Ionian sea (2.4.2)
  4. Report for dissemination events (2.4.2)
  5. Participation in third parties events within the programme area (D2.4.3)
  6. Guidebook for the performance of large scale participatory systems (D2.4.4)
  7. Equipment (D5.4.3)
  8. Soil and water quantity and quality audits (D3.4.1)
  9. Participatory systems performance (D4.4.1) and Results presentation (D4.4.2)
  10. Water-energy- food (WEF) nexus (D5.4.1)
  11. Recycled water DSS development (D5.4.2)
  12. Recycled water DSS evaluation (D5.4.3)
  13. International networking (D6.4.1)