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  1. Organisation of the 3rd management meeting and Participation in project management meetings (Kickoff, 2nd, Close-out) (D1.5.2)
  2. Dissemination events (D2.5.1)

    • Organisation of technical visit (14-15/3/2019, during the period of the 2nd Management meeting)
  3. Participation in third parties events within the programme area (D2.5.2)

  4. Data analysis and processing (D3.5.3)
    • Field testing and mapping of crops and soil in Bonifica Capitanata Consortium irrigated districts that affect acquatic ecosystems
    • Processing of data collected in the fields with open source GIS software and comparison between measured consumption and irrigation requirements calculated by the DSS Irriframe which is used in the irrigation district of the consortium
  5. Efficiency analysis of irrigation network in irrigated district of the concortium with IAMB support: collection and implementation of the irrigation network data (D4.5.1)
  6. Study, in cooperation with IAMB, of the registration of curent situation of participatory systems in the Region of Epirus and syntaxing of a bried report with recommendations for shifting the efficiency of the networks (D4.5.1)
  7. Applied research and demonstration activities regarding crop trials and in-situ end-users system audits with CNR-ISPA collaboration (D5.5.1)